License: CGC1520543
Almarse is known as the Premier Shell Contractor in South Florida, providing General Contractors with the best possible service, complete lump sum pricing and the highest quality standards.
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Our construction team provide the highest quality of concrete construction, from foundation to beam, with an expertise in design build Tilt.
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We employee the most experienced masons with an emphasis on neatness & high production quality.
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AlmarseĀ“s staff is trained to comply with OSHA standarts and QA/QC controls. Every aspect of the job is analized to achived the excellence in these aspects.
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Almarse Engineering Group is a company that provides construction solutions in the areas of Concrete and Masonry, focusing on commercial and industrial projects in Florida. Almarse Engineering Group was established in 2010 by professionals in the areas of construction, planning, quality control and safety.

Almarse Engineering Group brings together the expertise of professionals, both foreign and domestic. With the experience gained from being involved in complex projects and have built these projects for companies with high demands in terms of quality, safety and time. Almarse's professional staff has over 30 years of accumulated experience, more than 2,000,000 hours worked with an outstanding safety record. We provide all the tools to turn your projects into reality. continue to learn more

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